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Warung is Balinese Traditional Stalls
Maybe traditional Balinese stalls are not your tourist destination in Bali.
But on each of your tour trips, surely you will find a simple stalls that serves various needs such as food, drinks and fruits.

Generally in Bali, they have their own characteristics in serving dishes that really start from the Balinese lifestyle that highly upholds cleanliness, food management and food production in accordance with Balinese philosophical values.

Because in their beliefs, food will greatly affect physical quality and also be very influential in daily activities including who serves food, the process of serving and the holiness.

Best Indonesian Food and Warungs

Delicious berry and peaches & cream coolers 👌

Wondering what to eat in Bali during your holiday? Here are the absolute best Indonesian food and Warungs.

First up was trying traditional Bali coffee and a popular health tonic

The dessert isn’t too sweet and had just the right amount of flavor! It was great. If you’re looking for the best Indonesian food and Warungs then this should be a great starting list for you.

The food in Indonesia is quite spicy so make sure you ask for “little spicy” if you are sensitive to spice and avoid getting what they call Bali Belly.

The food in Bali is diverse, delicious, and affordable if you eat at local restaurants and warungs. We hope you liked this taste of Indonesia street food and classic Bali food dishes. 

Let us know which one of these is your favorite and make sure you check out our food vlog playlist to see more mouth watering classics in different countries!

And like for example when you visit the following tourist attractions:

 Babi Guling Babi Guling, a very special Balinese traditional food.
You can enjoy these dishes freely which are sold in stalls along the street or in traditional markets.
 Seminyak Beach Seminyak Beach
When you arrive at dusk you can see a very beautiful sunset while enjoying the food and drinks that you can buy at the stalls.
 Plaga Bridge Plaga Bridge, highest bridge in Asia
And along the bridge, there are also many stalls
that sell various items ranging from food, drinks, souvenirs and others.
 Coffee, a special aroma Coffee, a special aroma
There may be a difference when you enjoy authentic Balinese coffee, because the manufacture is still done manually-traditional
Tipat Tahu Tipat Tahu, a peanut dish that is perfect
Just like the Balinese Food version of Gado-Gado in Jakarta, or Tupat Tahu in Bandung, West Java.

And that's a few tips about your tour in Bali, and hopefully this information is useful.