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Sunbathing, various benefits

Nirvana Sunrise, enjoy the beauty
Bali is located in the tropics, so the nuances of nature and atmosphere will make your holiday more enjoyable.
A healthy sunrise & morning sun will also give our bodies various benefits.
A variety of beauty and charms will also provide its own warmth.

In some places in Bali it has nature preservation so it is very safe to take a sunbathing to avoid various insect attacks,
beaches with fine sand grains will avoid scratching your feet.

 Bat Belig Beach Batu Belig Beach, Sunbathing with grayish-brown beach sand. When you set foot, it will feel soft, while walking on the beach you will witness the beauty of the sea and the waves  Bingin Beach Bingin Beach, to enjoy with your partner yourself, Just relaxing sunbathing while accompanied by young coconut ice and the breeze of the beach breeze or waiting for dusk
 Mengiat Beach Mengiat Beach, sunbathing accompanied by the hot sun.Watching  waves on the beach while sitting on white sand will make you comfortable lingering on this beach  Crystal Bay Crystal Bay, a variety of coral reefs on romantic sand, sunbathing, or just sitting staring at the waves and enjoying the afternoon breeze while waiting for the sunset.
 Atuh Beach Atuh Beach, located in a beautiful bay with white sand and clean beaches. At Pantai Atuh you can do activities like sunbathing, diving or fishing.  Sanur Beach Sanur Beach, good for enjoying the sunrise (sun rise) and sunbathing along the white sand beaches.being a water tourism spot with a beautiful sunrise panorama
 Petitenget Beach Petitenget Beach, relax while sunbathing, or try the waves with your surf board.
Holiday or weekend atmosphere this place is more visited by local residents who want to spend time after the daily routine
 Kuta Beach Kuta Beach, the heart of the island of Bali, take a walk to the beach to just sunbathing, while enjoying the sunset. If the weather is sunny
 Tanjung Benoa Bali Tanjung Benoa Bali, sea activity center of water tourism, with friends or family, sunbathing, taking a walk along the beach, swimming and others.
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