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Surf Board For Surfing

How to Surf:
What Beginner Surfboards You Need!


For beginners and those who want to learn to surf, it is recommended to choose a surfboard based on the width and height of the surf board.

This type of surf board floats more stable and makes it easier for you to paddle the surfboard.
When choosing a surf board for beginners, the height of the surf board must be higher than your body size.

The important width of the surfboard is not the shape.

Small surfboards are usually used by surfers whose flight hours are already high.

Surfboards in the expensive category, you have to consider carefully before buying, are you really going to continue surfing this kind of surfing sport?

Beginner Surfboards
  • Step 2: You need to have the right equipment to help you succeed in surfing.
  • Having the right active swimwear is all apart of the right equipment but you can still feel and look beautiful, shop our favourite pieces for surfing here >>