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Swing, most beautiful memories

Swing is one of the attractions of a playground that is always a favorite for tourists.
Being able to swing your foot in the air does give you lots of excitement.

But when you can swing your feet over a stunning panorama,
it will be able to give a different sensation and will always be the most beautiful memories.

Enjoying the beauty of nature above the altitude will also be able to test your adrenaline more thrilling, and it's something that is fun when you vacation in Bali.

 Bali Swing Bali Swing, like a bird that flies
View of the Ayung River valley with tropical trees and coconut trees, and stunning cliffs will look very beautiful
 Wanagiri Swing Wanagiri Swing Hill
Beautiful green trees, and a stretch of lake can be seen clearly from this place.
 Jasri Beach Swing Chocolato House, Jasri Beach
Under several shady trees, so the atmosphere is very pleasant, calm and fresh on the beach.
 Love Tree Swing Love Tree Swing, Pinkie Secret Point
Around Pinkie Beach Secret Point, an old tree still stands up facing the beautiful blue ocean.