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Take Care of Surfboard Boards

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How to Take Care of Surfboard Boards for surfing


Surf board is included in the price category, the surf board should be treated as well as possible, if it is damaged, repair it is also expensive.

The board of the Surf board must be stored in a surf board bag when not in use.

Most surfboard boards are damaged when moving from one place to another.

Surfboard can fall easily when leaning on, whether accidentally nudged by an adult or by a playful child, a surfboard storage rack is one solution.

Maintenance of surf boards when not in use by placing a surf board in the shade, hot sun and hot temperatures can damage your surf board quickly.

Blazing sunlight can cause the fiberglass layer to turn yellow and the quality decreases.

Do not place your surfboard board just like that, where you don't keep it in a surf board bag for a long time.

If there is damage to the surf board even though it is only a small crack immediately repaired, do not delay, because the water entering the surf board will damage the quality of your surf board, especially the foam inside.