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Tradition, Local Wisdom

Art & Culture
Tradition is a culture inherited from ancient civilizations to present-day civilization.

In Bali, traditions are still preserved which are called Balinese Local Genius or Local Wisdom so that

"what has been inherited from the past can still be enjoyed today"

And traditions that exist in Bali, before the Hindu era in Bali, which are usually referred to as Shiva Buddha civilizations that you may never know.

In each region it may be unique as in some traditional areas in Bali and the uniqueness of existing traditions may also be able to provide more interesting adventures in Bali.
Playing Kites Tradition Playing Kites tradition, very closely related to rare angon stories, It is believed that Lord Shiva in his cultivation as Rare Angon was a Kite God. In the season of kites or after harvesting in Rare Angon rice fields descended to Earth accompanied by dngen the blow of a flute was marked to summon the wind.
 Magaret Pandan Megaret Pandan, Ancient training the agility of the soldier. A sacred Bali Aga tradition that uses prickly and very sharp pandanus.  Ngaben Ngaben, an ancestral tradition in Bali at a cremation ceremony.
And Balinese believe that, with the existence of ancestral spirits..
 Kerauhan Kris Dance Kerauhan, Kris dance a Balinese tradition outside of human reason to prove the success of certain ceremonies Bull Race Bull Race a tradition in the form of a buffalo race that has long been inherent in Balinese society.

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