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Bali Traditional Market, an ancient trade relations

A trip to traditional Market

A market is a place where buyers and sellers carry out their interactions.

And based on the findings of traditional markets (Peken; Balinese) in Bali,

Bali has historically had a market originating from ancient Bali.

Archaeologists say that the island of Bali already has a market in 882 AD.

In a market,
They not only interacted among local people, but also with traders from other places or maybe they had in the past established trade relations with some of ancient kingdoms in your country.

When Bali is still in agrarian & maritime times, they also sell daily necessities such as agricultural and plantation products, handicrafts like those in the art market, Denpasar Wet Market, Visit Fresh Fruit Traditional Market and also their livestock.
Product marketing is done using means of transportation or manually, which in the past was overseen by trade officials.

As is the case in the history of Pabean Temple as one of Pulaki Temples Area that became a port for seafarers from ethnic groups outside Bali several centuries ago.

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Traditional Market
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