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Traditional Village

Seeking tranquility and peace in a traditional village is the target of our journey today, and have a nice day.
Enjoy Visiting Bali Traditional Village
Bali Fun Adventure, IG Photo Album
Bali Kuno
Tempoe Duloe
Balinese Tradition
 Batuan Village Batuan Village
The milestone of Batuan Village began from the time of the Warmadewa Dynasty Government in Bali in 907 AD
Karangasem Traditional Village Karangasem Traditional Village
you will also be able to see many small forests in various regions that will make your trip to Bali very enjoyable.
 Penglipuran Penglipuran Village
Surrounded by bamboo forests that provide cool and fresh rural air
 Bali Taman Nusa Bali Taman Nusa, Indonesian Culture Park
Your tour can be continued here to explore the concept of Indonesia from the royal era, independence to the present concept.
 Kertalangu Culture Village Kertalangu Culture Village,
adventure drive for all including: jogging, yoga, cycling, fishing, horse riding, or outbound. 
 Sibetan Village Balinese Folklore, there is a folk tale. Once upon a time there were goats went to village.
 Tradition Tradition in each region it may be unique as in some traditional areas in Bali.