Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun

Tubing River, to move flexibly in harmony with nature


Tubing River is an activity similar to rafting, only in rubber tubing boats that are used with a capacity of 1-2 people.

So the rubber boat is shaped like a donut which is a little bit oval. At our start point, we will instruct you to do this tubing by the instructor.

Location Activity : Sukawati, Ubud, Ayung River and so on....

Professionally managed, with experienced guides, and safety equipment that complies with standards. Helmets, safety shoes, life jackets, elbow and knee protectors, secure tires, complete available.

Like for example on the Pakerisan River, on the way down the river, you will go through a beautiful waterfall and several rapids that make the trip exciting and tense.

You must be aware of guarding your head, hands, and feet from the possibility of being injured by scratching a cliff or bumping on existing rocks. This is where you learn not to fight nature, but to move flexibly, in harmony with nature.

You must know how to adjust the position of the body when passing rapids and rocks. When passing through rapids, adjust the position of the body leaning back so that the tire is not reversed.

The position of the hand should always be on the inside of the tire circle to avoid injury from being scratched by rocks. You can signal the guide when you encounter obstacles on the river.
At the finish point there is a water slide that is quite high.

There we will plunge using tubing to test the guts. After finishing, invited to go to the car park that is waiting for us to be delivered back to the restaurant.

After arriving at the restaurant the participants were welcome to change clothes and then enjoy a delicious lunch with a treat of young coconut water.