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Uluwatu Sunset Tour Package

Uluwatu Sunset Tour Package, and Special the atmosphere of the sunset while enjoy seafood dishes, the gentle swish of the waves on the beach with white sand.

Itinerary Schedule : 15.00 - 22.00
Uluwatu Sunset Package
 Padang-Padang Beach Padang- Padang beach🇭
a natural landscape background in the form of hilly areas with beautiful green trees.
 Uluwatu Temple Uluwatu Temple
View Sunset in the South Bali region.
The beach waves are very suitable for surfing.
 kecak & fire dance Kecak & Fire Dance, it only combines art from the voices of the mouth or shouts like "cak cak to cak cak ke"
 jimbaran beach Jimbaran Beach, for Family Dinner.
Various types of fresh fish caught by fishermen, are sold on these two beaches.

Uluwatu Sunset Tour Package, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the sunset, will make your holiday in Bali very impressed.