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Underwater, the colorful life of the sea

Underwater imaging from bali

The beauty of tourism is also underwater and the charm of nature with various types of living things in it is also something that can give your tour to an area more enjoyable.

There are a variety of uniqueness when we are at the bottom of the water as we are friends with coral reefs and the colorful life of the sea.

In various tourist events that exist as well as we can use them such as by:
 sea walker Sea Walker, the charm of underwater, enjoying the funny crowd, seeing the life of coral reefs, or it can see other marine biota habitat.
 snorkeling in Bali Snorkeling in Bali, very popular especially on tropical beaches and can also be done in fresh water such as lakes and of course also in the ocean.
 diving Diving, enjoy exotic underwater panoramas in the form of coral reefs and tropical marine biota. An activity in the sea to see beautiful panoramas in deep seas and diverse fish.
Glass Bottom Boat Glass Bottom Boat, trip on a boat that has a clear glass on the bottom of the boat, so that tourists can see the shallow seabed and hundreds of colorful fish, and see the beauty of the sea coral