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Go Back to Bali for a Vacation

Bali! It's like a dream come true.

It seems that it must be scheduled to go back on vacation to this island.

But so far, and although maybe only for a while, at least the holidays will be more fun with the family so that everything is guaranteed with a more enjoyable tour.

And now, vacation with friends and family will be a different sensation.

Because family remains number one,

And no matter how busy the work is, how far we travel the world, how much money we have, we recommend that there is always time for the family.

Besides that, we also grow up in happy families.

And choosing a vacation spot must also be considered because it is impossible for us to invite father or mother to La Favela or to Sky Garden for a vacation?

So we also have to look for tourist attractions that are fun for the family and suitable for inviting families.

Lots of right family tours in Bali, ranging from nature panorama, history, playgrounds, beaches and much more.

And some locations that are often used for holidays with family can be given as follows:

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, GWK Culture Park
When you vacation, you can see firsthand the splendor of the statue. 
 tegallalang Tegallalang, Sweet Memories
see the beauty of terraced rice fields in Bali, Ubud is one of the places you must visit. 
 Bedugul Bedugul, temple in the middle of the lake.
Favorite activity of tourists while on vacation to Beratan Bedugul lake is a photo with a background of the central lake
 nusa ceningan Nusa Ceningan, Small Island
In this place, you can see the sunset at a famous beach club especially among Instagrammers because of the place that Instagrammable says ...
 alas kedaton Alas Kedaton, monkeys & large bats forest
at the place, you should also be aware that these monkeys may be evil and your luggage must be kept in mind.
 hot spring penatahan Natural Hot Spring Penatahan
you will be greeted with neatly arranged gardens and 3 public bathing pools that you are ready to use for bathing.
 kuta art market Kuta Art Market
you can see and buy various forms of souvenirs of Balinese characteristics. 
 bingin beach Bingin Beach
you can also do swimming, diving, sunbathing or just relaxing while accompanied by young coconut ice and the breeze of the beach.
 cycling Bali Natural Cycling, Have a nice day.
there are several places that are usually used for cycling.
 dreamland Dreamland Beach
You can see the hygienic white sand that is interspersed with waves of waves, the main attraction for surfers to surf every time.
 Toya Bungkah Toya Bungkah, Batur Natural Hot Springs
Refreshing the body and mind, bathing hot water in this place is also believed to be efficacious for the treatment of diseases, especially skin diseases.
 atuh beach Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
You can see this very rare and expensive commodity while on vacation at Atuh Beach.
The terrain is still very natural 
 bali bird park Bali Bird Park
you will see species from birds in the tropics that you may never see in your country.
 jimbaran beach Jimbaran Beach
restaurant or more familiarly known as the cafe, offers seafood with a variety ...

And from a day of touring in Bali, it will be more fun to close with a family event.
It's impressive, usually ending with a family dinner on the beach accompanied by the sound of the waves.
And with the end of a holiday in Bali that is closed with a family event, it will be something impressive for the next day when we will come back to reality.