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Waterfalls. Unique nuances & very impressive by enjoying every moment

It flows naturally along the mossy rocks and falls on a waterfall so that it will feel more refreshing.

Likewise with your tour when visiting Bali;
Everything will be full of memories.

Chasing some waterfalls while exploring beautiful Last today 💫 It is honestly so refreshing coming up here especially after being in the island for a few days! Not only is it beautiful but it's lower in temperature and super calm and peaceful 💫✨Anyone travelling Bali should give this beautiful place a look, it also has a lot of cute bakery's and wine an influence here 🍷, oh and coffee plantations so the coffee is amazinggggg ☕️

*) Waterfalls Cliff Jumping :  Yeh Emple, Aling-Aling Waterfalls.

Visit Amazing Waterfalls

Buleleng Waterfalls Buleleng Waterfalls, enjoy trip to North of Bali
Some of the charm of this region is the beauty of a very diverse waterfall.
 peguyangan waterfall Peguyangan Nusa Penida Waterfall
you can enjoy a 'natural spa', and feel the sensation of being massaged by water flowing through rocky cracks 
 tegenungan waterfall Beautiful Scenery in Tegenungan Waterfall
And it's amazing! This is the best spot for you to add to your Instagram feed list
 seganing waterfall Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall
Your honeymoon will be very impressive by enjoying every moment with your partner you will stay safe..
 Cepung Waterfall Cepung Waterfall On The Cave
Not only bathing in the pouring waterfall, visitors can also capture the moment here while taking pictures.
 telaga waja waterfall Telaga Waja
also next to level IV. In the middle of the trip, you will see an amazing waterfall.
 Nungnung Waterfall Nungnung Waterfall
surrounded by green and beautiful trees, with cool and pollution-free air. And very pleasant.
 Kantolampo Kantolampo Waterfall
enjoy the tranquility of meditation with natural sound that is suitable for calming down.
 East Bali Tour Package The expanse of a pool of water and there is one temple that rises high on the right. And Tirta Gangga is one of special east of Bali tour package itinerary, natural scenery & a very memorable journey to enjoy.
Visiting this place, maybe you will also capture a precious moment in your life.