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Wave criteria is good for professional surfers

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For those who have advanced and have impressive techniques and a myriad of experiences in surfing. of course really like challenges and difficulties,

With good and big waves, many impressive movements can be created by them.

The great and big waves that the pro suitor likes are the wave tube, which is the wave that has a hole in the middle like a "O" donuts so that surfers can move and penetrate the perfect waves without falling.

And according to information obtained from surfers, some waves in Bali are mentioned as follows:

Generally in the Pecatu area, the scenery of steep cliffs is charming, but it has fierce waves that are ready to spur your adrenaline. Waves 4-5 meters high can be found in Uluwatu. The changing direction of the wind presents its own challenges for tourists who intend to surf.
  • Keramas Beach Ubud Gianyar Tours area, with consistent waves makes this beach also often used as a world class surfing competition
  • Balian Beach, it's best to come during the day because at these hours the land winds will blow harder so that you can make your surfing activities more enjoyable and challenging anda Kedungu Beach, Tabanan Regency is perfect for you middle class surfers who are half good at half, and also right for those of you who want to learn to surf.
  • Canggu Beach | A high and consistent wave became the idol of surfers who came to Canggu. In addition to professional surfers, Canggu Beach also has a location for beginner surfers, namely Pantai Batu Bolong which is located not far from Canggu Beach.
  • Serangan Beach, near turtle park Denpasar city tours will be crowded by surfers as the wind blows from south to north which makes waves along the south coast not good. Because it was blocked by the island of Bali, the waves on the coast of the attack were not affected by the wind.
  • Medewi Beach, Jembrana Tours Area, has a conducive atmosphere. This beach with rocky black sand is also a favorite place for world surfers. If you want to come there, leave early so you don't lose the best waves in the morning.
  • Kuta Beach, many surfing or surfing schools that can be chosen. In addition, the waves are not too big and the beach is quite sloping, so it is not too deep and not too dangerous.