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Weekend in Small Islands

This Week Bali Vlog
Weekend in Small Islands,

Small but beautifull with a variety of activities, it is definitely more fun.
 snorkeling Snorkeling, very popular especially on tropical beaches and can also be done in fresh water such as lakes and of course also in the ocean.
 cliff jumping Cliff Jumping adrenaline test lovers. Jumping from the height of a very high cliff, it might show stunning beauty but also need a very high experience.
 swing Swing in Bali, like a bird that flies, By enjoying this swinging game, you will feel an extraordinary sensation, floating in the air as if flying freely
 Diving Scuba Diving, enjoy exotic underwater panoramas in the form of coral reefs and tropical marine biota. An activity in the sea to see beautiful panoramas in deep seas
 Turle Serangan Island Turtle Park, Serangan Island, a different tourist atmosphere while adding knowledge and insight/
Serangan Island in Bali can be the destination.
Coral Reef Coral Reef, there are some unique places when you do activities in the sea like you can plant your own coral reefs, and you can put your name on the coral reef.
 water blow Water Blow, big waves sensation., have calm waves because many also have strong waves and are quite challenging like the attraction of this water blow.
 asah hill Camping, imagine how the thrill of camping on the cliff below is the expanse of the high seas. Asah Hill, a cliff on the edge of the beach to see the blue sea.
Pirate Adventure Adventures With Pirates, A Rare Experience. Cruise for fun along the ocean, wathing Village Fire Dance, and so fun

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