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Wooden Miniature Surfboard

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Wooden Miniature Surfboard for surfing, with its distinctive blue color and sea nuances, foreign tourists and domestic tourists like to buy these types of souvenirs, what else do they learn to surf in Bali, as a sign that needs to be remembered and remembered,

usually asking surfer teachers they signed the surf board and wrote messages and impressions while on Bali.
In addition, Wooden Miniature Surfboard in the shape of a key ring is also one that is favored by pro surfer or beginner surfer.

With a very cheap price and can be found in almost all gift shops in Bali.

Miniature Wooden Surfboard under most surfers in Bali from Australia, Hawaii, America, Indonesia and foreign surfers.

This type of key ring can be seen everywhere, especially in the Poppies Lane area where the surfers back packers gather.