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Zoo & Marine Park

 Bali Zoo Bali Zoo, playing with animals also has a collection of other animals such as white tigers, African lions and various types of birds and reptiles.
 bat cave Bat Cave Temple, a sacred and beautiful area.
Crowded bat sounds endless, morning, noon especially night. Instant tens, hundreds or even thousands of tails flying.
 turtle park Turtle Park, Serangan Island
Turtle Conservation here is to make efforts to conserve or save turtles from extinction.
Enjoying the beauty of a variety of zoos and diverse marine life will be a memory and a sensation of your vacation.

Bali Island surrounded by oceans and tropical forests;

There are variety of animals and the beauty of marine life;

And then
with your family,
you can enjoy the charm in several places.

monkey forest Monkey Forest
there are many hordes of monkeys inside.
Monkey forest is like a village, they have also lived there for generations.
bali bird park Bali Bird Park
for rare and protected birds.
In this place, you will see species from birds in the tropics that you may never see in your country
tirta gangga Tirta Gangga, beautiful fish area
a royal water park in Karangasem in eastern Bali.
the first thing tourists see is the expanse of a pool of water and there is one temple
elephant safari park Elephant Safari Park
The cold climate and fresh air make salak suitable to grow in this area. Here tourists can find salak vegetation with various flavors. The extent of the zalacca garden in this area is also interesting to witness.
 Bali safari marine park Bali Safari Marine Park
an adventure in the middle of a forest where there are many rare animals.
all of that was an amazing event

And sea activity such as :